Safety Through Quality is at the heart of everything HAESL does and is driven by stringent quality control procedures and continuous process improvement.  The primary objective of our Quality Assurance policy is to maintain a continuous check on the effectiveness of the organisation and on the procedures and systems employed to ensure that all the regulatory authority’s requirements as well as those of HAESL itself are met or even exceed the expectations.

Striving for Excellence is the core value that we have been upholding since our establishment.  In every way, we drive ourselves to grow and reach the optimal performance.  Through Lean and Six Sigma concepts, we are able to make continuous productivity improvements.  We regularly organise training programmes to our staff, ranging from technical to self-advancement courses, so as to continuously enhance our workforce’s technical knowledge and skill sets.

All in all, the ultimate goal is to drive optimal quality performance and satisfy customers’ needs as well as to allow us to stay at the leading edge in this ever-changing business environment.

Looking forward, HAESL will be continuing to strive for excellence in the following areas:
To satisfy the customer’s quality, service and cost expectations
To grow and diversify the business
To develop an industry leading workforce
To drive optimal engine and component repair process & performance

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